"With their eye for detail and texture, the idiosyncratic work of Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe takes viewers on a journey of discovery. The attention of the viewer is caught by elements like verticality, mystery and a fairytale-like signature. The fascination for the human conception of nature makes Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe constantly looking for subjects that meet these two aspects and merge into a rewarding end result that is free of prejudice.

Daan Zuijderwijk (1974) and Maaike Vergouwe (1978) both studied photography at St. Joost Academy in Breda. Since 2006 they work together on various projects.  Central to their work is the relationship between man and nature, as artists they are interested in the diversity that nature can offer. In their recent work interest is shown for human intervention in nature".

Since may 2017 Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe are traveling through Europe with their three daughters and one dog. At first they traveled with their self build tiny house-on-wheels and recently with a two masted sailing yacht.


Beginning of April their first book Mapping was published. 

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September 2019.


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