The final art print.

Four months of work and then finally our images ready for print! The whole proces is enrolling before my eyes like a movie played backwards. The final art print, days ands days of adjusting the images 'till everything fits together, making high resolution scans, selecting the best ones, low resolution scans, developing the negative, the big moment of making the final picture, discussing sketches and investigating the landscape... The last one is where it all begins, intriguing landscapes combined with a vision and ideas. Soon the outcome will be visible, big size prints will be hanging on the walls in Eindhoven at the Dutch Design Week. For those who can't wait: our portfolio is on show at U

The Ideal Palace

When things don't go the way you've planned, remember this story: Back in 1879, there was a postman. On his way home from his daily round he bumps into a strange stone which reminds him of a long cherished dream: building a fairytale-like palace. "(...) since nature wants to do the sculpture, I’ll do the masonry and the architecture". And so he did! Ferdinand Cheval started building his dream at age 43, he completed this incredible piece of art at age 76... His inspiration: the landscapes he worked in and the postcards and magazines he had to deliver... "Palais Idéal Du Facteur Cheval", love it! Whenever you'll have the chance, go visit. Have a great weekend! Source: www.facteurcheval.c

Let's play!

While being on the road, people (mostly women) ask me frequently "shouldn't she go to school?!" "she" is Fenna, our oldest daughter, just reached the age of five. When I tell the ladies I educate her myself, the eyebrows go up down and frown. When I tell them she is already reading and writing like a 6 year old, they smile... Can't wait to visit Finland, children over there start going to school at the age of seven! Besides that playing, plays a important role in the education of young children. I am already looking forward to the questions of Finish ladies. One thing for sure, education wont be the subject. I assume it will be about climbing trees and dancing in a lake at sunset!

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