Never imagined possible...

Last week we made a beautiful hike. As we were making our way to a cave up in the hills, our two oldest girls were running and crawling in knee-high snow and balls of snow were flying up and down. No complaints and enjoying every bit of it! Even this young (5 and 3 years old) they are able to do things which I never imagined possible. What a great day, such a great kids, what a great life!

Pack up and go...

For the last couple of days, Skårhamn, a little town in the South-West of Sweden, has been our base. It was nice being here. Now it’s time to leave the rocky coast and head up north. Forest, moose and snow here we come!

"Three sisters on wheels" online.

Our girls are having their own website. Have a look, write them a message or ask them a question: They'd love to start the conversation. (For now in Dutch only!).

First result...

May last year we started working on our “European Encounters series”. It took us from Brittany in the North of France to the Alpes and the Dolomite mountains in northern Italy. Since we are back on track in Scandinavia, we are exploring and studying the landscape to continue our “European Encounters”. We are happy to share with you our latest work. (without PHOTOSHOP! check this small making-off movie, on our Instagram account).


This is the main street of Kyrkesund, a few hundred meters from our parking spot.... So far, nothing out of the ordinary. But then this, at 1p.m a woman knocks on the door of our mobilehome: “If you wanna use our washing machine and give the girls a hot bath, you are welcome at our house”. Two hours later at Anna’s and Kurt’s house, our laundry is spinning, the girls are having fun in a bubble bath and we are sweating our ass off in a private sauna. We end up with a typical Swedish herring-dinner served with red bilberry and chocolate cake as desert. What a day, what a lovely people. Nothing ordinary about it, this was EXTRAordinary!

Searching for the winter.

Every now and then, Olav a retired man who lives down the road, comes checking on us. When we told him we are planning to go up North, he smiled and shook his head: “Nooooo, don’t, it is very cold up there!” When we told him we came to Sweden to experience a real winter, he shook his head again “this IS a real winter, we didn’t had this kind of weather in twenty years...”

Daily life.

Our daily life mainly consists of educating our oldest daughter, finding firewood, getting water for washing and dishes and go out to explore the landscape. We love this basic lifestyle, it gives us the time and energy to focus on what is important and what we love doing: the girls and our work. We teach our kids how to get water, which branches are best for firewood, but in the end we hope we teach them something about life and the beauty of nature.

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