Spring is here.

And then suddenly there it is, the changing of the season. A nice experience to feel gras, rocks and pavement under our feet again after two months of thick layers of snow and ice. Spring... we are ready for it!

Country number 4.

Norway! An other border crossed. Our brave and good old Mercedes has taken us this far. From slippery icy roads to fresh snowy streets, he didn’t let us down one second! Every time we started the engine, he was growling like a happy brown bear. Hoping for many more miles to come!

Old lady turns young again

This sweet lady turned 10 years old today. Three weeks ago, we thought she wouldn’t make it this far. But a visit to a Swedish vet told us that she was dealing with some severe thyroid problems. Now a treatment helps her to keep her going. She is experiencing a revival and so do we. Great to have her “back again”. Happy birthday Nan!

Old school grammar

Besides traveling, working, doing outdoor activities and having lots of fun, we have a daily schedule in which the education of our daughters is highly ranked. We teach them things about nature, but even so important is a healthy dose of “old school grammar”. Luckily they like both...

Ice-angels and no fish today.

We are getting used to the cold, although the wind in combination with temperatures far below zero, can really freeze you to the bone. The kids are having fun with their sleigh , running around on the ice or making angel prints of themselves. It is incredible how far they can go without complaining. Our tiny-house on wheels is insulated with thick layers of sheep wool. We heat it with a rocket-stove built by Daan himself. The wood to give us warmth we find in the forest near by. Dead branches will do the job. We also tried some local customs, like ice-fishing, but unfortunately without result...

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