We are experiencing some pretty intense days on this amazing Island of Mull. It’s beauty is beyond our expectations. Sheep and cows wondering around into the great wide open. The sea, seals and blooming orchids at our feet. A new world to discover. At the end of the day we love to hide in our little shell, our home, to cuddle and to enjoy each other’s company and to look back at an other great day!!!

Let's play!

A couple of days ago I saw this caption in the train station in Belfast: “We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”. This is a quote by Bernard Shaw. . The man on this picture still loves to play, whether it is building dikes and dams or running and foolin’ around with the girls. Playing is fun! And if Mister Shaw was right, I’ll keep on having a young man for a loooong time!

Chip and Dale.

Fenna&Nan, like Chip&Dale (Knabbel&Babbel for us Dutchies). • Fenna thinks she is quite something (turns 6 next month) and by giving Nan her food and TLC day-by-day she is awaiting the moment she’ll say “sit” and the dog will obey. Fenna works hard to be THE boss. Then there’s Nan, as stubborn as a mule and she ain’t a Sissy! She is far from listening to the little girls’ voice, ‘cause she has her own ideas on when to listen... But in the end Nan is there, right beside Fenna. Front row and ready to protect her (or her younger sisters... ). And besides that, Nan is keeping us together and covering our backs, or is that due to the fact that she is a Border Collie😉.

Strawberry Blond

They call our girl "Strawberry Blond". They love to smile at her with a smile of mutual understanding. The love to straw her hair. They love to tell stories, that before they were grey they had that exact same hair color. And she? She keeps asking, "Why are all these people looking at me?" We explain it to her, she smiles a bit, but she doesn't see the beauty of it yet, but we do and so do "they" ...


Wherever you’ll go, specifically when you are cycling, you’ll find yourself sniffing, trying to capture that specific scent... it’s the smell of burning bog. Driving through Ireland you’ll be surprised how many peat lands there are and how many households still use this soil to keep warm. The peatlands/boglands reminded me of one of the series we made in 2011 in The Netherlands. On the old ditches, where once peat was dug out, small islands had arisen. We used artificial light to portray the remains. I would love to see if the islands are still there, or by now all of them have been taken by the water...


Small and bad roads, we have to watch carefully where we drive, but nevertheless from this point of view (where this picture as taken) our little brown matchbox blends perfectly with the scenery...

White dots.

My parents used to have this book “The complete book of Self-Sufficiency” by John Seymour. I always thought it was rather old fashioned and boring ‘till a few years ago, I discovered the book again, still there on my parents bookshelf. A book far over 40 years old, turned out to be a valuable source full of contemporary issues. And I started reading it with my full attention. Nowadays we travel and try to live a life “off the grid”. Although the life we live is far from living a self sufficient life, I always look for what nature has to offer. Last week we found Elderflowers everywhere. I overloaded the girls with homemade Elderflowersirup, Elderflowerpancakes and we even decorated our pump

In love again

Sitting behind the wheel for a few days (in our case, cause we don’t drive fast and we don’t like making long days on the road) is being rewarded! We visited this spot, close to Cap Fréhel, exactly one year ago and we fell in love. So here we are again, still in love, so let’s get inspired! On the European Encounters serie, specifically “Vertical #01” and “Pink Dots #01” you'll see how this place inspired us last year. Vertical #01 Pink Dots #01

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