Blackberries and marriage

Last week when we were taking the road from Schotland to Wales, we passed Gretna Green. Never thought I’d possibly wanted to visit a village with the reputation of being one of the world’s most popular wedding destinations. I was curious to see Gretna Green, with it’s “romantic wedding traditions dating back over centuries as it is famous for runaway weddings” (got that from Wiki) more specifically as it is mentioned in one of our favourite songs (Tramps and hawkers). So we took the exit… But I should have known better. Long story short, to me there was nothing sweet or romantic about it, even despite the history of this village, it didn’t made my heart race (and neither did Daans). They on

Do not go gentle...

Wales... the view outside reminded me somehow of a poem by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. “Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light...”. There is one explanation of this poem I like best: it urges us to live life to the fullest and never surrender...

Fringe, Edinburgh Festival

The contrast couldn’t be any bigger: from being surrounded by sea and mountains and practically being the only ones there, to sword swallowers, pole dancers and acrobats covering the streets of Edinburgh. The girls were having a blast, they’re eyes were nearly popping out and they danced from one performance to the next...

Little red car

A month ago we met these two lovely sisters Elisabeth and Jacqi on the Isle of Mull. The first time we met it was a very brief moment, when we passed their caravan with our mobile home, they waved and we waved back at them. Five minutes later we stopped to take a picture, shortly afterwards a red car with two ladies in the front pulled over. It were the “caravan ladies”. We had a little chat and off they went. We moved on and found a beautiful spot to spend the night. The next morning as we were having our coffees and the girls were playing outside, a little red car stopped and blew the horn; the two ladies again! We invited them in for tea and we had a nice talk. In the fuzz of leaving (as

Instead of toys

Our kids have very little toys, because we just can’t take along a lot of stuff in our mobile house on wheels and besides that they just don’t care... What they do care for is playing outside, not because we force them to do so, but because on every spot there is a world out there to discover. No matter where we are and in which season, rainy Scotland or snowy Sweden; the girls built their own outdoor kitchen, their own sandy castles or their own icy houses... I love to observe and be part of their little fantasy world. I love to see how they see opportunities in what is right there in front of their feet. Just too bad it’s me having to do their laundry afterwards...

Beautiful encounter in the forest

We found a beautiful spot near Loch Ness. Far from all the tourists trying to find some remains of a legend. Instead they would find themselves caught up with gift shops mile after mile after mile... We thought: forget about the lake, forest here we come! To our surprise, up there we found tree shapes which reminded us of the Bosco Vecchio (Old Forest) in the Dolomite Mountains, a project we’ve been working on a year ago for @calamitaproject So hurray! Time to take out the led-tubes and built an installation!

A mother and her pup.

A few nights ago at dusk Bill (our camping neighbor) knocked gently on our door. With hand signals he urged us to follow him. At first I thought Big Bill (as he likes to call himself) would show us the proof of an UFO, as he is a strong believer of Unidentified Flying Objects and conspiracy theories, but it turned out differently. A few meters ahead of us, a performance was given by a mother otter with her young pup. They were swimming, fishing and running around on the cliffs. The three of us just stood there mesmerized by the look on this sight. As the night was setting in and we weren’t able to see more then our own two feet, we all went in with a glance on our face. We felt that we had w

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