About Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe

Daan Zuijderwijk and Maaike Vergouwe started their collaboration in 2011. Since 2017 they have been traveling with their three daughters through Europe. Their shift towards a nomadic life changed the division of tasks and Daan is now responsible for the photography and concepts. Daan and Maaike lead their nomadic life in a quest for a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle. It allows them to explore and work in different natural landscapes. Their nomadic perspective also allows them to reflect on various topics in a particular way. Maartje van den Heuvel writes in the book 'Mapping', "what separates Zuijderwijk / Vergouwe is the all embracing adventure that encompasses their entire lives, at work and at home". Within this holistic approach, life and the work of art are continuously intertwined.

Artist statement by Daan: ”Through our lives and in my artwork, we investigate the relationship between humans and nature. The photographic creations are manipulations with artificial light in the natural landscape. They are a record of my interaction with the landscape. It can be an intervention or an action, but always in the landscape itself and not in post-production because the work is about how we relate to the landscape, also physically. The images are a metaphorical reflection of our lives and ideas. Our traveling life helps us to become more aware of the different ways people experience nature. We think we are aware, that we understand something about the world around us, but in fact what we experience is only a small fragment of a larger reality. We ourselves are lucky enough to be able to spend much of our time in some of Europe's most beautiful natural landscapes. Living there makes us more humble towards nature and more aware of the complexity and fragility of the ecosystems. All our outdoor experiences make us look at the natural world around us with increasing respect and curiosity.”

If you would like more information about Zuijderwijk / Vergouwe's nomadic life, you can check some of the articles and interviews listed below. If you would like more information about the off-grid tiny house please check The Wooden Traveler.

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Looking for Inua, Blauwe Paviljoen, 's-Hertogenbosch

Carrara, Glue Amsterdam


Looking for Inua, Ruud van Oosterhout Design, Amsterdam

Looking for Inua, Glue Amsterdam



Mapping, NewWerktheater, Amsterdam



AAF Amsterdam by Artfolly

Art The Hague, by Artfolly

The Playing Circle, Amsterdam

RvO design, Amsterdam



European Encounters, New Werktheater, Amsterdam

The World is my Playground, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

Livingroom Exhibition, Kathelijn Voets, Amsterdam



Calamita, Materia Gallery Rome

AAF Hamburg, Rademakers Gallery

Wild van Water, Zuiderzeemuseum Enkhuizen

Scope Basel, Rademakers Gallery

Landscape Stories, Zuijderwijk/Vergouwe & Mirjam Abraas, Huub Hannen Galerie, Maastricht

Upstream solotentoonstelling Rademakers Gallery, Amsterdam

Art Breda, Huub Hannen Galerie, Maastricht

Art Karlsruhe, Rademakers Gallery + STP Gallery, Duitsland​

2011 -2015 

PAN Amsterdam, Rademakers Gallery

The River Vecht, De Donkere Kamer, Breda

Begeleiden examen kandidaat/externe beoordelaar Fotovakschool Amsterdam

Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Rademakers Gallery 

Art The Hague, Rademakers Gallery

KunstRAI Amsterdam, Rademakers Gallery 

Tentoonstelling Summer in the city, Rademakers Gallery

RAW Art fair, Rotterdam, Rademakers Gallery

Tentoonstelling Noorderlicht, Extra Ordinary

Deelname Fotoweek, authentieke fotostudios langs de rivier De Vecht

Benefietveiling Save a portrait, Stadsarchief van Amsterdam

RAW Art fair, Rotterdam, Van Kranendonk Galerie

UNSEEN Amsterdam, Van Kranendonk Galerie

Solo tentoonstelling un natural, Van Kranendonk Galerie, Den Haag

Solo tentoonstelling Galerie Fort a/d Drecht, Uithoorn, The Volgermeer Recreated/Vanishing Landscapes

Solo tentoonstelling, Stadsarchief van Amsterdam, De Herschepping van de Volgermeer



2019 Mapping

2016 The Walking Mountain, Calamita project 

2016 Wild van Water, naar gelijknamige tentoonstelling in Zuiderzeemuseum gecureerd door Maartje v.d. Heuvel

2014 medewerking wetenschappelijk onderzoek „Transcending the I, the working process of duo’s in visual arts” door J. Verhoef / Prof.dr. A. v.d. Born, FNV KIEM / Universiteit van Tilburg

2013 Noorderbreedte Magazine, Vanishing Landscapes

2013 Tortuca magazine, Vanishing Landscapes

2012 Trees, Landscape Stories (.net) publicatie +  interview

2011 De Herschepping van de Volgermeer, fotobook, uitgever: Sjaalman Media