Ruthless bitch...

October 26, 2017

This picture (Yellow Dots #01) was taken in the Dolomite Mountains in the North of Italy. An amazing area to work and live in. For over 6 weeks we spend living in these mountains. During these weeks the live was simple and basic, just the way we like it. A nearby river provided us with water, to bath in, to wash in and the cold flowing water also served as our "fridge" (until a fox discovered our secret and ran off with our stuff!).


Beside the beauties of this place we also had to endure a severe thunderstorm; our tiny-house-on-wheels was shaking like hell, our small canopy was torn apart, the bikes were smashed in a heap, the groundsheet of our intern's tent flew by and the kids were sobbing and crying...


These 30minutes made a huge impression on all of us, but despite this event I feel a great warmth looking back at these 6 amazing weeks of living close to nature. Nature in all it's variety: she is beautiful, mesmerizing, inspiring and stunning but she can also be a ruthless bitch sometimes!



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