White dots.

June 5, 2018

My parents used to have this book “The complete book of Self-Sufficiency” by John Seymour. I always thought it was rather old fashioned and boring ‘till a few years ago, I discovered the book again, still there on my parents bookshelf. A book far over 40 years old, turned out to be a valuable source full of contemporary issues. And I started reading it with my full attention.
Nowadays we travel and try to live a life “off the grid”. Although the life we live is far from living a self sufficient life, I always look for what nature has to offer. Last week we found Elderflowers everywhere. I overloaded the girls with homemade Elderflowersirup, Elderflowerpancakes and we even decorated our pumpkin soup with Elderflowers. A great party it has been, but I guess now they’ll be graving for some fish’n chips with lots and lots of white dots and I’m quite sure this won’t be Elderflowers...




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