Chip and Dale.

Fenna&Nan, like Chip&Dale (Knabbel&Babbel for us Dutchies). • Fenna thinks she is quite something (turns 6 next month) and by giving Nan her food and TLC day-by-day she is awaiting the moment she’ll say “sit” and the dog will obey. Fenna works hard to be THE boss.

Then there’s Nan, as stubborn as a mule and she ain’t a Sissy! She is far from listening to the little girls’ voice, ‘cause she has her own ideas on when to listen... But in the end Nan is there, right beside Fenna. Front row and ready to protect her (or her younger sisters... ). And besides that, Nan is keeping us together and covering our backs, or is that due to the fact that she is a Border Collie😉.

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