A mother and her pup.

August 3, 2018


A few nights ago at dusk Bill (our camping neighbor) knocked gently on our door. With hand signals he urged us to follow him. At first I thought Big Bill (as he likes to call himself) would show us the proof of an UFO, as he is a strong believer of Unidentified Flying Objects and conspiracy theories, but it turned out differently. A few meters ahead of us, a performance was given by a mother otter with her young pup. They were swimming, fishing and running around on the cliffs. The three of us just stood there mesmerized by the look on this sight. As the night was setting in and we weren’t able to see more then our own two feet, we all went in with a glance on our face. We felt that we had witnessed something extraordinary. The morning after we shared this experience with our girls and we decided to do something in return. We started to clean the bay. And after a small hour we ended up with four bags full of little plastics...
The sight of that otter and her pup will travel with us and what we could do in return was just a small gesture... 

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