Little red car

A month ago we met these two lovely sisters Elisabeth and Jacqi on the Isle of Mull. The first time we met it was a very brief moment, when we passed their caravan with our mobile home, they waved and we waved back at them. Five minutes later we stopped to take a picture, shortly afterwards a red car with two ladies in the front pulled over. It were the “caravan ladies”. We had a little chat and off they went. We moved on and found a beautiful spot to spend the night. The next morning as we were having our coffees and the girls were playing outside, a little red car stopped and blew the horn; the two ladies again! We invited them in for tea and we had a nice talk. In the fuzz of leaving (as the space is small and the girls were running up and down) Elisabeth (the eldest of the two) managed to slip me a ten pound note, she winked at me and said, “Go to Tobermory and buy your girls an ice cream.” And off they went again... A couple of days later we visited Tobermory, a lovely little harbor town, we had fun, the girls had their yummie ice cream and we bought our first bottle of whiskey. And off we went. We found a magnificent spot in the middle of nowhere and shortly after we had installed ourselves, believe it or not, a little red car pulled over... We were all thrilled by this coincidence, made jokes about stalking and we said goodbye as we knew this would probably be our final goodbye. That was a month ago, via a long way ‘round we are back for an unexpected visit to Tobermory. It brings back nice memories. And although time is short and I don’t want to push my luck, I am still hoping for a little red car to pull over and blow the horn. And then there they’ll be again; two of the loveliest sisters ever, smiling and waving fiercely at us!!! . 

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