Blackberries and marriage

Last week when we were taking the road from Schotland to Wales, we passed Gretna Green. Never thought I’d possibly wanted to visit a village with the reputation of being one of the world’s most popular wedding destinations. I was curious to see Gretna Green, with it’s “romantic wedding traditions dating back over centuries as it is famous for runaway weddings” (got that from Wiki) more specifically as it is mentioned in one of our favourite songs (Tramps and hawkers). So we took the exit… But I should have known better. Long story short, to me there was nothing sweet or romantic about it, even despite the history of this village, it didn’t made my heart race (and neither did Daans). They only sweet thing about Gretna Green were the blackberries we found at the praking lot. We made a blackberry jam as sweet as honey and now we’re enjoying it somewhere on a remote romantic spot on an unknown place in Wales… . .z . (Image: detail of Wet&Wild #06, check our website to see more of our work)

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